BasqueWater´s first time in Gastronomika

10 October, 2013

Perhaps the best water in the world is within our reach. That is what we have tried this morning at the food fair Gastronomika San Sebastian 2013 . Sharing the Basque Country stand with other artisans brought together by HAZI, we have ofered between attendees BasqueWater Alzola, receiving gratitude and hearing compliments about the new image of the product.

Comments like ” to me is the only water that quenches my thirst ” from a BasqueWater assiduous from Vitoria , ” this water is very round ” from a sommelier from nearby Bizkaia “or ” … and where is the one of the Real Sociedad? from a “white&blue” supporter …

We used the event San Sebastian Gastronomika to launch a campaign on BlogonBrands so we could hear the views of bloggers and trendsetters on the BasqueWater Alzola . We thought it a great idea to let you know the water so we can know your opinion about.

We encourage you to unleash your senses and send us good news to our old Balneary . Thank you.