Aker, the Goat from the Saski Baskonia will drink #BasqueONWater

Aker, the Goat from the Saski Baskonia will drink #BasqueONWater

Aker the luckiest Goat in the entire ACB league.

Yes! We all like to do the Goat when it crosses us, we all carry a Goat inside and even denaturalized, when the inspiration comes, each one chooses the animal from which he wants to assimilate its attributes.

Well this is pure luxury Yes! Being able to choose is the great luxury of our era.

Being able to choose the water one will drink to assimilate the attributes of the future is something just a few can afford next season. Aker is synonymous of naughty in Euskera (and the God of the horizon for the ancient Egyptians), the naughty one able to lead his life and mark the goal of his team, the Saski Baskonia.

BaskOnwater el agua del Baskonia por Alzola Basque Water #BaskOnwater

BaskOnwater  The Mineral Water from Alzola Basque Water will be the official supplier of Baskonia.

The 2017/18 season is fun for the best Basket team in the Basque Country, not only because of the return of Prigioni, which is also a good omen and the point is that Alzola Basque Water will be the official supplier of natural mineral water of the Baskonia for the next Seasons.

If you do not already have it at home, if you do not have it in your Bar, take care of it Bro! This is the telephone of the one who distributes it in the province of Álava and in Vitoria – Gasteiz “where the law is made, artificial capital of a singular country” …


¡ Viva Potato,

Gora Gasteiz,

Aupa Baskonia !

¡Wherever you stay!


Did you think your ancestors would be satisfied with any water?

We are what we are thanks to the water they drank. Genetic transmission occurs through water, your cells are 90% water and #BaskONwater the most balanced mineral water in the entire ACB league. It is the rainwater that precipitated in Euskadi 25 years ago and in Gasteiz we have the reference of our oldest distribution, even when its distribution was carried out by medical prescription.

Alzola Basque Water

Agua Mineral Natural declarada de utilidad pública en 1843 que aflora en el manantial de Alzola, a 29ºC y con la composicion más equilibrada y con beneficios para tu salud

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